Lorana 2x Full Body Painterly
     Jeni - Painterly Torso
     Dino - Realism Full Body
     Dino - Custom Antipodean
     Doji - Chiaroscuro

     Doji - Full Body Painterly
     Hey there, welcome to my commission site! I'm offering a wide variety of styles, in a wide range of prices. Use the 'Style' links above to see the different techniques and products you may order, each has in depth descriptions and pricing guidelines. I'm sure you'll find something to fit your desires!

     Click on the 'Order Art' link to request a commission or to purchase some of the ready made items I offer! I'll be updating that section regularly with special limited items that I decide to make as my whims inspire me.

     For right now, the Gallery and About sections are empty. To view more of my art go to my DeviantArt Gallery. I'll be setting up my own gallery here as soon as I can. Also, stop by and visit my shop on Etsy! Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy what you find here!